EAMC & Lanier Health Services Affilate

September 27, 2013

 In separate actions of the respective Boards of Directors of the East Alabama Medical Center(EAMC) and the Chattahoochee Valley Hospital Society, Inc. (Lanier Health Services)  have signed a letter of intent  which would fully affiliate the two hospitals.

Under the agreement contemplated by the letter of intent, the George H. Lanier Memorial Hospital ,the nursing home and all physical facilities  will continue to be owned by  Lanier Health Services  and the facilities leased to a subsidiary of  EAMC.   The hospital will still be known and operated  as the George H. Lanier Memorial Hospital and become an operating entity of the EAMC healthcare delivery system.  The subsidiary of EAMC will assume all other assets and liabilities of Lanier Health Services.  The transaction is expected to close before year-end.

Terry Andrus, President and CEO of EAMC said, “We are excited about extending the reach of EAMC to all of Chambers County and aligning ourselves with Lanier Health Services with its long history of service to Chambers County and the Chattahoochee Valley.  A combined operating philosophy should benefit the citizens of Chambers County greatly and continue to provide the quality of healthcare everyone has come to expect. The increased volume for the combined entity should allow us to achieve even greater efficiencies in delivering  healthcare  across a broader area. “ 

Bill Scott, President of the Board of Directors of Lanier Health Services echoed those sentiments:  “This affiliation with EAMC will be good for everyone.  It will streamline care for all the citizens of Chambers County and insure that the latest services can be provided to both Lee and Chambers Counties in a seamless and efficient manner.  As a rural hospital, Lanier often found itself at a disadvantage to larger, more well capitalized health care providers.  This affiliation will insure that the primary delivery provider in the county will be able to compete with and provide the services the people deserve in a very challenging and ever changing healthcare environment.”

In May of this year, voters in Chambers County passed a referendum approving a 4 mill property tax levy in Chambers County to be used for the direct support of Lanier Memorial Hospital.  The agreement to affiliate the hospital operations of both entities does not affect the tax or its use exclusively for the benefit of the George H. Lanier Memorial Hospital.  Since operation of the hospital will continue, the tax revenue will insure a steady stream of funds for local capital improvements and debt service for the next 10 years.