What East Alabama’s Talking About

September 11, 2013

(WASHINGTON, D.C.)—As Congress returns to Washington to begin work on some important issues facing our country, I wanted to pause and reflect on the time I spent across East Alabama and give an update on what I heard folks talking about in the Third District.

                I had the opportunity to hold “Congress on Your Corner” events in several parts of the district.

                These public town hall-style meetings allow me the chance to hear directly from you. 

The topics on the minds of folks in each area were about the same.  The top concerns at each meeting included Obamacare and its implementation, what’s next in the illegal immigration debate and of course, the economy. The fast moving events in Syria, and America’s role in that conflict, also came up.

During August, I was also able to meet with city officials, leaders at Anniston Army Depot and held several meetings with constituents in my District Offices in Anniston and Opelika.  These meetings gave me a chance to hear what is going on in the different cities and towns that make up the Third District.

As I traveled across East Alabama, I was pleased to be able to tour several small businesses in many of our towns which really are the backbone of our local economies.

For example, in Montgomery I toured Precision Medical Solutions, which provides Alabamians with orthopedic braces. This is one of so many small businesses that help provide good-paying jobs for hard-working Alabama families.

I hope as Congress returns to session, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle can remember folks like the ones I met with back at home. With more important issues facing our country each day, we must remember the concerns of these hard-working Americans.

We should also be reminded of the tragedy that struck our nation 12 years ago.

September 11th, 2001 is a day that will never be forgotten – in the attacks on our homeland and in the tragic embassy attack in Benghazi, Libya. Although the terrorists tried, and will keep trying, the American spirit will not be crushed.

Let us not forget the families whose lives were changed forever, and let us remain steadfast in our dedication to America, the greatest country in the world. 

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