Drug Arrest in Auburn

May 15, 2013

The Auburn Police Division arrested Bradford Alan Blount, 22, from Vestavia, AL. and Dennis Elder, 22, from Birmingham, AL. and charged them both with Robbery in the First Degree and Trafficking of a Controlled Substance.


On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, the Auburn Police Division responded to a robbery call in the 600 block of DeKalb St. in Auburn.  The victim called 911, advising that he had just been robbed and gave information on the suspects; a vehicle description was also obtained. Through further investigation Bradford Blount and Dennis Elder were later identified and taken into custody.


Upon contacting Elder at his former residence in Auburn, narcotics were located resulting in an additional charge of trafficking of a controlled substance.  Blount and Elder were transported to the Lee County Detention Center where they are being held pending their bond.  The bond amounts for Blount and Elder are $150,000.